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MORSERVw is a Windows or Web based Mortgage Loan Servicing System. It was designed for commercial or residential loan management. This product is the next generation of the reliable and dependable MORSERV that has serviced loans for many mortgage bankers since 1983. The system features Amortization Schedule Preparation, Investor Reporting, Tax and Insurance Due Management Reports, Cash Receipts, Escrow Disbursements, Escrow Analysis, 1098's, History Statements and many other features that are required by interim or long-term mortgage loan servicing organizations.

The primary goal in the design and development of this software is to provide users with an easy to use, accurate and efficient system to handle their day to day record keeping tasks and manage their own or multiple investor's loan portfolios. Unlike much of the servicing software available today, MORSERVw was designed from the beginning to run and operate in the Windows or Web environment.

This software can be installed on a single workstation, network server or hosted on an Internet based web server. Butler & Associates can provide web hosting if needed. The concepts and procedures applied throughout this product represent many years of systems development and servicing experience.

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