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MORSERVw Product & Price Information

MORSERVw is a user friendly and easy to use mortgage servicing system. This system is the next generation of the original Morserv that has serviced loans since 1983. Some of the important loan servicing features of this system are listed below:

Investor Screen for Investor Controls and Remittance Information
Loan Screen for Loan Specific Information, Balances, Dates, Etc.
Tax Screen for Loan Related Tax Due Information
Insurance Screen for Loan Related Insurance Due Information
Vendor Screen for Tax and Insurance Vendors
Mailing Address Screen for Loan Related Mailing Address Information
History Screen for Cash Receipts and Escrow Disbursement Transactions
Various System Screens for Setup and Control Functions
Entry and Update Screens
Cash Receipts and Escrow Disbursements
Regular Payments, Miscellaneous Payments
Payoffs, Payment Reversals
Tax Disbursements, Insurance Disbursements
Miscellaneous Disbursements, Disbursements Reversals
Reports and Documents
Trial Balance, Accrued Interest Report
Amortization Schedule, Cash Receipts Report
History Statements, Escrow Disbursement Report
Mailing Labels, Form 1098
Payment Notices, Critical Date Report
Escrow Analysis, Late and Delinquent Notices
Aged Delinquent Report, Export CSV Functions
Summary Delinquent Report, Various Other Reports
Technical Support
B&A provides phone and email Technical Support for MORSERVw from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time.
System Price
MORSERVw can be hosted on a single PC, Network Server or Web based installation. The system is licensed on an annual or quarterly on-going basis. All prices include technical support.
1 to 20 Loans:
     $1,050 for 1st Year - $600 per year thereafter (includes Technical Support)
21 to 200 Loans:
    $700 per quarter for 1st Year - $600 per quarter thereafter (includes Technical Support)
200+ Loans:
     Quotation can be provided by B&A.
Multi-user network configurations are licensed in increments of 8, 16, 24, etc. B&A can provide Web hosting if needed. If you would like a quotation for a Multi-user Network or Web based system, please contact us via phone at (615)904-8697 or by email at sales@morservw.com.